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Mary Ann Alexander, piano and vocal coach in Buffalo Grove, is very proud to announce that 29 of her students received trophies at the Geneva Competition in St. Charles, Il. on June 24th, which included students playing band and orchestra instruments and voice students from all over the Chicago area.

There were over 3000 students participating in this annual event.


OUTSTANDING  TROPHY (above 1st place):

Kathy Xiang, age 7  Vernon Hills

1st Place Winners:

Xinyu He, age 14 Vocal category, Deerfield
Xinyu He, age 14 Piano, Deerfield
Johnny Tian, age 16, Vernon Hills
Zhenni LI, age 12, Buffalo Grove
Allen Wang, age 10, Buffalo Grove
Cheryl and Kathy Xiang, ages 7 and 10, Vernon Hills
Cheryl Xiang, age 10, Vernon Hills
Isaiah Liu, age 9, Vernon, Hills

2nd Place Winners;

Monica Bodenstab, age 11, Hawthorne Woods
Camryn Cadiz, age 7, Buffalo Grove
Eleanore Chan, age13, Buffalo Grove
Erica and Elizabeth Chan, ages 14 and 11, Buffalo Grove
Nathan and Joshua Clements, ages 6 and 8, Buffalo Grove
Matthew Leung, age 13, Buffalo Grove
Jenny LI, age 11, Vocal participant, Long Grove
Tina Ding, age 11, Vernon Hills

3rd Place Winners:

Ryan Bowers, age 9, Buffalo Grove
Andrea Hunt and Monica Bodenstab, ages 11 and 12, Hawthorne Woods

Jenny Lin, age 13, Buffalo Grove
David Zhang, age 10, Buffalo Grove
Maddie Ding, age 9, Buffalo Grove
Tina and Maddie Ding, ages 12 and 9, Buffalo Grove
Elizabeth Chan, age 13, Buffalo Grove

Newspaper Article By Susan Dubin


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